In the past 6 months, we've had a chance to see what can happen when Embassy volunteers can talk with each other. It's been amazing to see the growth in ministry that has come from this.

In light of this, we have launched a Discussion Forum on the volunteer site, where all Ambassadors can freely discuss topics that are on your mind. Staff will also regularly talk with you in that forum.


In order to share in that space, we ask that you begin using a personalized account. That is - instead of using the log-in info that was sent to you when you became a part of Embassy, you'll create your own account.

To do this -

1. Go to

2. Under the words "LOG IN" it asks, "New to this site? Sign up." Click on Sign up, and enter in your CLEAN email account.

To qualify as a "clean" account, it should not be linked to any social media accounts. It should also not include your full name.

If you've never established a clean email, or if you aren't sure that yours qualifies, please call us! This is very, very important, so thank you for taking it seriously!

3. Text us the handle you're using for your clean account. Once we receive this information, we'll approve your account. Then you can get started!


Crescent Project will cover part of the cost of your registration to join us at National Conference.

This event is October 22-24 in Nashville TN  - and we believe this will be a huge blessing. Come fellowship, learn, worship, and be reinvigorated with hundreds of like-minded people. 

Enter the promo code CPFRIEND at checkout. (Click here to register.) 

Note: Crescent Project is also hosting a luncheon for Embassy volunteers. We hope many of you can come, and look forward to spending time with you in person! 

Hello, Embassy volunteers (rookies and veterans)!

Thank you for your efforts! We are so grateful for your willingness to serve in this ministry. 

In order to better support you, we're implementing a number of changes. And to our former volunteers, we reached out to you as well because we hope that these changes might inspire you to get back in the game.


The updates below are the first two. But more is coming! Please watch for more good news. And thank you for serving with us!

In Christ,
The Embassy team