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"Show us what 'Omnipresent' looks like..."

Updated: May 18, 2019

This morning we saw a miracle. But it was preceded by this, days before: We were representing Embassy at an event, and two men and a woman came up to talk. We began to explain what Embassy is: we told about the hundreds of thousands of Muslims who speak English, a click of a button away. We told about our highest-priority sites where connections happen. They seemed, to be candid, underwhelmed. We were tired; we weren't speaking very effectively. We took it with a grain of salt. But then something happened. We said, "Or, we can help custom-make connections for your church... For example, if you wanted to reach into Dagestan, we could help you do that." They looked at us in surprise. "What did you just say?" "If you wanted to reach into Dagestan..." Thinking they were confused, we tried to explain some basic facts about the place: that Dagestan is a province of Russia near Chechnya; it's an area that has Wahhabi Islamic villages; it's a place long accused of being a hotbed of terrorism. They brushed away this information with a waved hand. "Yeah, but why did you say that? Why Dagestan?"

Then they said this. Their church has been praying for Dagestan for the last three years. More than this, the three standing in front of us were a part of a group of 15 that meets every Thursday to pray for Dagestani Muslims. They were pursuing ways to reach this people with the message of Jesus. We were struck as we realized that although we've known about this people group for years, it was only on the drive to this event that we suddenly compelled on their behalf.

It was only days since we had made first contact online. Only days since they went from a conceptual people to flesh and blood; with names, with pictures. And now there were Christians in front of us, wanting to reach in.

Immediately after returning from this event, we got a call about our brother Karim, who lives an ocean away. Karim is a former Muslim who has dedicated his life to sharing Christ, who recently left the US with his family to serve God abroad. His wife shared that Karim has a lesion in his mouth that that was causing great pain. She wasn't sure yet if it was cancer. She asked us to pray. The tension of knowing what might lie ahead pulsed through her voice. We prayed together for Karim. After getting off the phone, he called us. Not even a minute had passed. It was gone. Not even a sign of it; not the slightest mark; he could talk normally again.

I believe that God in his sovereignty wanted these two events to happen back to back.

I believe that God knew what my prayer was before I even knew to ask: God, show us what omnipresent looks like. Remind us what's real. This is a sobering truth:

This same God who was with us when we prayed and simultaneously with Karim 4,000 miles away is already in places like Dagestan (Acts 17:26-27). And he's with you.

If today the reality of God and his call on us seems far, may you be blessed by this truth. May we be strong and take heart, all of us who trust in the Lord.

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