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Visions of Darkness, Visions of Glory

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Aala was praying when a vision of darkness swept over her. She was alone, standing in a rocky and barren land. She was afraid. Embassy didn't exist. We were a few people who had landed, unexpectedly, with connections to thousands of Muslims in closed nations. Many had told us they wanted to read the Bible together. Aala was one of the few who said no. But Aala was also one of the few we felt moved to pray for, to fast for; we felt she was in danger. We didn't know why. We prayed and fasted, and heard nothing from Aala. Then, in a timing that felt both sudden and painfully long, she appeared on our screen. "I can barely see through the tears in my eyes. I can barely type. My hands are shaking." Then she told us this. After she had told us no, that she didn't want to read the Bible, she had wept. She had stayed up late praying through tears, crying out to God. She had said Please, if I could have one day with them, I could know you. But I am so afraid. Then she had a dream or vision of darkness. And then she saw us appear. We walked into the desolate place. We said, "Aala, God sees you, and he wants you to go where we're going. Come with us." She said that we opened the Word of God and told her how. She didn't know what we had said, only that it was from the Bible. In her next vision, she was in a place full of life. It was green; there was light. There was a river like crystals. She felt peace and love and the presence of God. Aala wrote, "And this is very strange, but there was something like a giant house with many many rooms. And you said to me, 'Aala, did you know you can go in there?'" Aala wanted to know if this imagery meant anything; if there was any way to interpret or understand. Embassy was created shortly after this.

Because I know what this dream means for her. But I also know what it means for us.

There are hundreds of thousands within reach; men and women who God sees. They're standing in dark and desolate places. He wants them to go where we're going. May we never fail to say Come with us.

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